Our subscribers are entitled to free full  anonymous offshore website hosting. There are limits to the free account however, 90% of the accounts we host never exceed the limits set forth under the free hosting plan. We do offer an upgraded plan for the more business oriented sites that might require more data or bandwidth. Due to the added costs of such data and bandwidth incurred by us, we have to pass it on to the subscriber. The next plan up breaks down to $4 a month (paid annually) and we feel given the privacy factor that we provide, its well worth the small added costs of you need to bump up your plan. Additionally, you can choose from either US based or offshore (Panama) servers! Our hosting packages include full cpanel access to easily manage your website.

Free Anonymous Offshore website hosting, Another benefit of being part of Ultimate Privacy. Purchase your subscription HERE.

FREE PLAN (monthly usage limits)
Storage:  500 Megs
Bandwidth: 2 Gigs
Max FTP accounts: 20
Max EMail Accounts: 50
Max EMail Lists: 100
Max Databases: 10
Max Sub Domains:10
Max Parked Domains: 5
Max Add on Domains: 5

$48 Annually
UPGRADED (monthly usage limits)
Storage: 5 Gigs
Bandwidth: 50 gigs
Max FTP Accounts: 100
Max EMail accounts: 100
Max EMail Lists: 5000
Max Databases: 50
Max Sub Domains:50
Max Parked Domains: 50
Max Add on Domains:20

Anonymous Offshore hosting in Panama.  Based in Panama, Located in Panama and governed by Panamanian law.

Questions? Support@Ultimate-Privacy.net