Terms of Service - Acceptable Use Policy.

Acceptable Use Policy - Updated on September 15th, 2016.

Please note that this Acceptable Use Policy is subjected to change and it is Customer's responsibility to regularly check for modifications. (Customers, users, and visitors are referred collectively as Customer.) We retain the right to terminate service of any website found to violate these terms.

Applied Law

Ultimate Privacy's hosting server and equipment is located in Panama therefore, Panamanian law will regulate all content hosted in our servers. Any dispute resulting from this agreement shall be referred solely to a court of a competent Panamanian agency.

Prohibited Content

The following is a list of content that is not accepted on our servers and network.

- Under Legal Age nudity
- Illegal drugs and drug contraband
- Weapons
- Scam / Fraudulent Websites
- Carding Websites
- Spam or ANY UCE related business or relay services.
- Hacking Forums
- Phishing Websites
- DDoS Scripts
- Brute Force attacks
- Packet Flood Scripts
- SIP Scanners
- IP Spoofing Attacks
- Botnet Controllers
- Virus / Trojan / Malware Distribution
- Terrorist Websites

Content Considerations

The following is a list of restrictions that apply to the specified operations on our servers and network.

- System Resources Overload: Overload of our services until the system performance or other customers websites are affected which including and not limiting to CPU resources overload, bandwidth overload, memory resources overload, MySQL connections overload and massive email spamming by scripts.

- TOR Services: TOR exit and relay nodes are not allowed on our servers due to the excessive bandwidth consumption of such services.

- VPN Services: VPN servers are not allowed due to excessive bandwidth such services typically incur.

- IRC Services: Legal use of IRC is allowed on our network. IRC may not be used on our network when the intentions are malicious or illegal, e.g. for controlling a Botnet or other illegal activity.

- Bulk Email: Bulk Emailing is not allowed at all in any way shape or form.

- Video Streaming: Video streaming is not allowed directly from our hosting servers.

- Copyright related content and materials: Customer is responsible of all content hosted in our servers and network. DMCA is not a Panamanian regulation so immediate suspension or termination WILL NOT be executed upon the receiving of a DMCA complaint. Any website takedown notice that are not processed via Panamanian Authorities will be promptly discarded. External linked content is not considered to be hosted in our servers or network and the complainer should contact the abuse team of the involved external provider.

- Online Casino and Betting Websites: Customer may host online casino websites and betting websites as long as final users are outside of the Panamanian jurisdiction. Customer should take actions to prevent signups from Panama. Online casino affiliates websites are considered allowed content. Customer is responsible of having appropriate licensing where applied.

- Financial Services and Investment Websites: Panama is well know for its Financial infrastructure and law. Customers is fully responsible from having appropriate financial business licensing to operate or market services from Panama. If not licensed in Panama, the Customer should take appropriate actions to avoid delivering financial services to Panama based users. Trading software is considered an allowed content.

- Freedom of speech: Panamanian Constitution respect freedom of speech. Consequently, we do not censor our members on the basis of content. The Customer is fully responsible of the content, posts, articles hosted in our servers or network. Complainer should forward copy of competent Panamanian court order in order to request content removal, in the case that this is not possible the complainer will need to work directly with the Website operator to resolve the situation.

- File Hosting: We do not permit file hosting or sharing sites on our servers.

Privacy Policy

- Ultimate Privacy Panama. is committed to protect the privacy of its Customers. We will not give ANY personal or corporate information to anyone, other than the Panamanian Government through a formal request without further consent or notification to the Customer. Any other request for information of our Customers will be promptly discarded.


You may contact us at Support@Ultimate-Privacy.net