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One of the most common questions we get is "Why do I need anonymous email? I use Yahoo or Gmail." well, the truth is, services like that are not anonymous by any means.

Within the header of each message sent through a service like this contains your REAL IP address. For example, I sent myself a message from a G-Mail account and within the header of the message I found the following line " X-Originating-IP: []". This clearly reveals my actual IP address on Embarq which leads directly back to my ISP, me and my computer therefore, such email services are clearly are NOT anonymous by any means.

True anonymous email will not reveal ANYTHING in the message OR in the message header that reveals your REAL IP address. We provide a couple of different methods of sending totally anonymous email. One is through our secured web based facility. It will allow you to send anonymous email and newsgroup postings with total anonymity. You may also choose the name you wish to appear in the "from" line of the message. We also provide software that you can download to send anonymous email or newsgroup messages right from your desktop using your default email server. Messages will be encrypted then sent to our server, where your identifying information (ip address)  is then  stripped. The message is then  sent through several remailers. Your message will arrive at its destination in plain text and be completely untraceable back to you or even your ISP. That is TRUE anonymous email.

We also provide the ability to setup and maintain disposable email addresses on any of several available domains so you can receive email with anonymity. These addresses can be setup and deleted at will and only takes seconds to create or delete. Anonymous Email made easy! Complete and total Online Anonymity!

You can sample our SSL secured web based anonymous remailer to see how easy it is. One of the best features of any of our remailers is that they allow you complete control of the "from line" of messages you send!

You will also have access to our PGP remailer. If you are familiar with PGP, you can send a PGP encrypted block directly to our remailer for total privacy at the highest level. Our remailer will automatically decrypt and send the message anonymously to the intended recipient.

Since January 1997- Providing Anonymous Email, Web hosting and Web surfing for over 27 years!


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Fact: We started as an anonymous remailer in January 1997 and it remains our most popular service to this day!