Disposable NYMS. Fast, disposable email addresses

Save your real email address. Use our fast disposable email addresses (NYM's) for complete anonymous email. Create disposable email addresses for complete anonymity when dealing with online stores or websites! Kill SPAM at its roots! Choose from US or offshore Panama based addresses.

Use them once, use them over and over if you wish then simply delete them when you are done! Create a new NYM in seconds and delete it just as fast when you are done using it. No more worry about spam traps when dealing with new online companies. And they are never logged.

We provide several domains to chose from and add new domains on a regular basis to keep them fresh.

This feature is web based and allows the subscriber to setup and maintain multiple anonymous & disposable email addresses. You can use these NYMS in the "from" line of our anonymous email software or secured web based platform so people can anonymously reply to your anonymous messages!

Free disposable email addresses

Finally, a new approach to fighting SPAM. Kill it at the roots before it ever becomes an issue!

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