Anonymous Blog & Comments posting

It has never been easier to quickly make an anonymous post to a blog or any other page that accepts comments! Comment Anonymity made easy!

Finally, an easy way to make anonymous comments to blogs, online newspapers or any other web page that accepts comments. Simply type in the url of the blog or page on which you want your comment to appear, enter your subject line (if applicable), type your comment then  hit the SEND button. Your comment will be automatically posted anonymously to the blog or comment page! Its never been easier!

Will work with any comment or blog page, even on sites that require a free signup! You may notice a delay on moderated pages as we have no control over what a pages moderators do.

Feel free to speak your mind and share your thoughts on company forums without worry of what you say coming back to bite you later as your posts are not traceable back to you or your ISP, even if you send from your companies own servers as the connection is secured and encrypted! Sites like 4chan, Reddit, disqus chats that like to ban users for the stupidest things? No worries, post anonymously using our anonymous blog poster! Quick and easy!



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