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What happens when you visit a website? Your web browser reveals certain identifying information to the sites you visit that clearly lead back to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and to your PC.

This holds true in not just web surfing, but online chat rooms, web forums, IRC, instant messaging and other similar forums. the main piece of identifying information your browser gives up is your IP address. This like a telephone number can lead right back to you. Your IP address is a unique numerical value (ie. 168.324.219.0) assigned to your connection by your ISP. Ultimately, this numerical value is traceable right back to your PC. An IP address is usually the first thing a hacker needs to start probing your PC (without your knowledge) looking for weaknesses. Many websites and services actually log visitors IPs.

Anonymous web surfing is your first defense against such intrusions. With Ultimate Anonymity, your browser (or other software) will literally provide a different IP address to the sites you visit . An IP address that is not traceable back to you OR even your ISP allowing you to surf safely without revealing any personal data that is traceable back to you. We provide an encrypted VPN for total anonymity.

In addition to Anonymous Web Surfing with Ultimate Privacy you can spoof your IP address in other protocols as well including E-Mail, Usenet newsgroups. IRC, Web Chat, Web forums, discussion boards and anything else you do online!

Its no ones business what you do online. Be Anonynous today!

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