Anonymous Snail Mail - Real World Anonymity

Get unlimited access to our snail mail re mail network. This mail forwarding service allows you to re-mail letters with a Florida postmark allowing you to send snail mail anonymously with a postmark other than your own for complete real world privacy. For over 27 years we have provided safe and private online and real world anonymity services to those in need.

We will re-mail your anonymous postage paid letters from our locations with an authentic US postmark masking its true originating point! This is great if you wish to communicate through the mail with someone without revealing your true location to the recipient via the post mark.

There is never a "per letter" fee or charge for this service. Unlimited use of this service is included with your Ultimate Privacy subscription at no cost.

Need to receive mail anonymously? We can help you with that as well! We will also receive mail on your behalf, then either forward to your specified address OR scan and send to you via email.

Snail Mail Anonymity that Works

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