Anonymous Remailer - The Facts

Using our Anonymous ReMailer, you can send totally untraceable email or Usenet newsgroup messages. We provide an easy to use SSL secured web based anonymous remailer or handy software that you can download to send anonymous messages right from your desktop using your default email server. As a subscriber to our service, you can even send messages directly to our remailer from your default mail client!

Our remailer allows you to manipulate the "from" line so you can send messages and put whatever name you wish to appear in the from line. You do not need PGP or other encryption software to setup and configure on your PC. Our anonymous remailer handles that on the server side. You simply type your messages and hit the send button. Our server will then encrypt the message and send it through the anonymous remailer chains and appropriate Mail2news gateway for Usenet postings.

Your message will then appear at its destination in plain text completely untraceable back to you or your ISP for totally 100% anonymous messages.

Our anonymous remailer takes ALL the hassle and guess work out of it. For over 27 years it has been one of our most popular services.

We also provide the ability to send totally untraceable and anonymous SMS Text Messages as well.

Need to send anonymous messages with attachments? We do that too!

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