The Feds post fake hyperlinks then RAID those who click!


Warning - FBI posts fake hyperlinks and RAIDS those who visit the sites! This is no joke, READ FULL ARTICLE HERE Imagine getting your door busted in for simply clicking on a link that leads to an FBI trap! Can you imagine accidentally clicking on or being redirected to such a url for whatever reason then having your IP address traced back to you via an administrative subpoena to get raided as a result?  Here is another news link regarding this serious threat.

This is reason enough to never surf to unknown websites without masking your real IP address to that website. What happened in these cases is simple. User visits website, website logs users IP address. A subpoena is served on the ISP the IP address belongs to, ISP then hands over all of users personal information.

This scenario is easily avoided. Using our service, you can mask your real IP address to those websites in both standard (http) and secured (https) web sites you visit. Never get caught with your pants down again!



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