A lifetime of privacy! No gimmicks and no catches!

Ultimate Privacy for LIFE

When we first launched our service in January of 1997 we offered lifetime subscriptions. We offered lifetime subscriptions until about mid 2000. Every once in a while, usually nearing our anniversary we will bring back the lifetime offer and it is just what it appears to be. Purchase the lifetime subscription, get full access for LIFE. We still have subscribers today that got on in the early days STILL using our service to this day.

You will have unlimited access to our site, products and services for life. You will have access to free upgrades and future releases of any software we develop and release to our subscribers. You will have unlimited access to our secured, web based facilities for life! Imagine, a lifetime of Anonymity and Privacy services! And you thought the one year plan for a mere $4 a month sounded good?

January 2024 marks our 27th year in business! To celebrate we are offering the lifetime subscription once again!

The most common question we get regarding the lifetime subscription is how long will we be offering it? Truth is, We never know. When it comes out, it could last for a couple days, weeks or months so don't delay, subscribe today!


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