Our Privacy Policy:

Our subscribers privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We will never under any circumstance give out any personal information on our subscribers to anyone, for any reason, ever.

1). We do not maintain a subscription roster therefore we do not have a "list" to share or sell.  No information that you provide us will be shared with or distributed to anyone, ever, period.

2) New, random User IDs are generated at random. Once a user ID has been issued, anything tying a customer or their email address to that user ID is PURGED.  Therefore, we have nothing on file to associate any particular user to any user ID. Do not lose your access info! We cant look it up for you.

We also provide a secured platform for you to anonymously change your user ID and password if desired.

3). We do not log ANY of our services. To do so would clearly violate the privacy and anonymity we stand for. We do not maintain activity logs of ANY kind.

4). Since we do not maintain a subscriber list you will never receive unwanted mailings from us via snail mail or electronic mail. All of our updated information and our monthly newsletter can be accessed by subscribers anytime at their leisure by going to the subscribers area.  For those that choose a subscription that expires, you will not receive any advance notice your subscription will expire. At the end of your subscription, your user ID and any services associated with your user ID will simply become inactive. Those who took advantage of Lifetime subscription offers will not expire.

Over 27 years of protecting online users privacy and anonymity. Its all we do!

 - since January 1997!


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