Providing Online Privacy & Anonymity Since January 1997

We launched Ultimate Anonymity back in January 1997 as an anonymous remailer on a shared domain service (tripod) , mainly to give AOL users the ability to send completely anonymous messages and newsgroup postings. In 1998 we secured the domain and then as a backup domain, and over these 27 years have grown into one of the leading services of online privacy and anonymity. Internet Anonymity and Privacy, its all we do, its all we have ever done.

Ultimate Privacy in 1997

Above is our website as pictured on the Way Back Machine website archive from May 1998. Over 26 years we have grown from a simple yet effective remailer to full featured online and real life privacy provider. We have grown with our subscription base on their ideas, needs and suggestions. Our subscribers have always come first and always will. We are privately held and answer ONLY to our subscribers, not shareholders or investors.

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