U-Mail - Totally Anonymous Email:

One of our most popular features. Anonymous E-Mail has never been easier. Either through our secured 256 bit encrypted SSL web based facility, or through our handy software (pictured below) send secured, totally anonymous email or newsgroup messages right from your PC!

Our software is a breeze to setup, just install, add your mail settings and start sending. Our software takes all the guess work and hair pulling configuration problems completely out of the picture and handles it automatically on the server side allowing you to start sending anonymous messages in seconds without any headache or hassle. It even encrypts your message before sending it to our server!

Messages sent through our server are not traceable back to you or your ISP and there are never any advertisements within the messages. Additionally, you may manipulate the "from" line to appear as anything you desire. More info on Anonymous email.

Need to send anonymous email with attachments? We've got you covered!

Totally Anonymous email


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