Secured, Anonymous Web Forms

Does your company need a secured, totally anonymous online form for employees or customers to send you totally anonymous feedback, suggestions or tips?

We can provide you with a 256 bit (banking standard) SSL secured anonymous web form custom made to suit your application that you link from your companies website that allows your visitors, customers, employees or anyone the ability to send you totally 100% anonymous comments or information.

Anonymous tips, ideas, suggestions or anything you desire. The online form is filled out and when submitted are encrypted and sent through the re-mailer chain directly to whatever e-mail address you specify totally anonymous with no chance of being traced back to the one who submitted the information.

We can add your companies graphics or logos to the page and totally design it to suit your personal needs. An annual or lifetime subscription is required to utilize this service.

Some examples of subscribers that currently use this service. Cities, Airports, Corporations, colleges and more!

Anonymity when it matters! Web Based Anonymous forms

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